A fire starts in a home in a Australia on average every 27 minutes.  In Australia 80 – 100 people die in house fires each year. Even the biggest fires begin with a single spark. To counteract the damages that fire accidents bring, you need a system that actively responds to even the slightest hint of threat. By installing a fire sprinkler system, you become one step closer to quenching your indoor fire as soon as it even begins.

Fire sprinkler system installation.

We design home fire sprinkler systems to be unobtrusive and to provide a level of protection against injury or loss of life, together with reduction of property damage.  The fire sprinkler system has been designed and installed to meet AS2118.5-2008.  It has been designed to delay and possibly prevent flashover (total room involvement) in the room of fire origin and to improve the likelihood of occupants escaping or evacuating.  

BR Plumbing & Excavations is one of few plumbing companies in NSW providing cost effective fire sprinkler systems for houses & group homes. If you want to have an effective fire sprinkler system installed in your new or existing home at a fair price, call our team for further details.

fire sprinklers


It is the responsibility of the building owner or occupier to ensure that all fire safety products are tested and maintained to the requirements of the appropriate Australian Standard. This is a local council requirement, and insurance companies may not pay out claims if testing and maintenance is not up to date at time of a fire event!