My toilet, basin or shower is making a gurgling sound what do I do?

You need to check your overflow gully which is usually outside and is a round type fitting with a grate in it and sometimes has a tap over the top of it.  If nothing is coming out at this point it would appear that you have a blockage before this point somewhere within your house plumbing.  It could be too much paper being used and not using full flush of the toilet and it has stopped along your line somewhere.  Also, when the weather gets colder and fat that gets into the sewer system off our skin and dishes congeal and can block up the line or worse still is root intrusion entering through a broken pipe.  In any case you need a plumber to clear this blockage for you.

I have water and paper coming out the drain under a tap and making a mess in my yard, what do I do?

I presume the drain you are talking about is the overflow gully.  This means the blockage is further along the line from this point if it is overflowing at this point which is better than overflowing within your fixtures inside your house. The blockage could be in your plumbing or it may be in Hunter Water’s (or sewer authority) sewer main. Firstly, to save costs you should check your sewer shaft.  The sewer shaft is located at the back or front of your property depending on where the sewer main runs and is usually a metal lid with “S” on it for older properties or a plastic lid on newer properties.  If you use a screw driver to open it and you can see that there is nothing holding in the pipe than the blockage is somewhere within your own plumbing and you will need to contact a plumber to attend. However, if there is water and effluent at this point then the blockage is most likely in Hunter Water’s (or sewer authority) sewer main and you should then contact them and advise them.

I live in a rural area where there is no sewer and we have a septic system with a transpiration area and Council have issued me with a letter to advise that our septic system has failed an inspection and there is water laying on top of the transpiration (evaporation) area. How much to get a new system?

We have found this can be a couple of problems.  If your transpiration area is quite a few years old, they were made with a fine gravel or ash in them and over time this clogs up similar to a filter blocking.  Now we use ballast rock which is larger rock.  We have found in most cases we can maintain or repair the area which if more cost effective then a complete new transpiration area. Another issue can be cattle or horses walking over the transpiration areas.  The area should be fenced off so that larger animals and vehicles can not go across the area as damage will be caused to the tunnel trench within the area. The area should also be kept reasonably well mowed so that the sun can do its job and evaporate the liquid in the septic system.

I am a pensioner. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, BR Plumbing & Excavations is listed in the Seniors Card discount booklet and website.  We offer 10% discount for maintenance jobs to senior’s card holders and pensioners.

Do I have to have cash or a cheque to pay the tradesman when he is doing the job?

No, you do not.  We will post or email an invoice following completion of works or as per the terms of a quotation if a quoted project.